Expert Witness

Services McKenna Leadership Offers

Services McKenna Leadership Offers

Evaluations & Strategic Planning

Organizational analysis and studies include a thorough Evaluation, a Strategy & Action plan, long-range planning, efficiency studies, and continued support.

Expert Witness Retention and Litigation

Dr. McKenna is an experienced Expert Witness for Education Administration cases. He strategically researches and reviews briefs, records and materials, provides verbal consultation, authors written opinions, and assists in trial preparation.  He can also help screen potential cases and witnesses for merit, and can provide depositions and trial testimony.

General and Specific Areas of Expertise:

General Areas of Expertise:
– Harassment & Bullying
– K-12
– Pre-School & Daycare
– Public School
– School Administration
– School Safety
– Sexual Abuse Prevention
– Special Education

Specific Areas of Expertise:        
– Administration 
– Collective Bargaining
– Contract Negotiation    
– Education
– Grievance Administration / Mgmt.    
– Hiring Practices / Procedures
– Human Resources
– Labor Relations
– Payroll / Benefits / Personnel Mgmt.
– Personnel
– Policy Development / Review    
– Social / Emotional Wellness
– Staffing            
– Staff Evaluation

Crisis Management

Being prepared to respond to, and recover from a critical event requires a sophisticated crisis management plan. Dr. McKenna can help navigate your organization's Crisis Management process through a strategy-based approach for identifying and responding to a critical event.


Dr. McKenna’s presentations are highly interactive, dynamic, engaging, and fun! He can tailor content for small or large groups and can customize the length to meet flexible timeframes.

Workshops / Team Building

Dr. McKenna’s energetic, powerful, and meaningful workshops can be customized to meet each organization’s individual needs and are available in person or remotely. Workshops can be scheduled in half day, one day or multi day increments. 


Academic seminars focus on research and best practice and can be tailored to small and large groups, such as conferences, university, or independent studies.

On-Site Training

Dr. McKenna is available to deliver his unique and interactive hands-on training to small groups, large groups and individuals based on an organization’s specific needs.

Virtual Services

All services are available remotely or in-person to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Coaching / Mentoring

Dr. McKenna has successfully coached, mentored, and supervised hundreds of educational and organizational leaders throughout his over 35 years of experience. He will work with each organization to develop a comprehensive program to meet the specific needs and interests of each person or group.


Dr. McKenna’s keynotes are dynamic, compelling, energetic, meaningful, and fun! Book him today for a truly motivational and inspirational experience.