Dr John McKenna Topics

Dr John McKenna Topics he covers

Human Resource Leadership

Having strong Human Resource leadership is key to the success of an organization. Dr. McKenna will share his extensive knowledge of Human Resource management to help your organization develop skills and resources to:

  • Recruit and retain quality staff
  • Develop effective hiring processes and procedures
  • Develop a culture of caring and empathy
  • Create effective methods to review and evaluate staff performance
  • Resolve complex personnel issues
  • Develop productive relationships with union leadership
  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements
Strategic Planning,: Administration & Organizational Leadership

Having the proper Strategic Plan in place is critical for information to flow vertically and horizontally throughout an organization. Dr. McKenna will share his expertise and teach participants how to:

  • Create a Strategic Plan that unites the entire organization around common vision, mission, and goals
  • Develop a structure of vertical and horizontal teams
  • Develop a highly effective Leadership Team
  • Develop a comprehensive internal and external communication system
  • Create common, vision, mission, values and goals
  • Develop specific Action Plans to ensure goal attainment
  • Develop a positive culture and climate based on teamwork
  • Develop a data collection system to monitor progress and establish new goals for ongoing improvement
Motivational & Inspirational Leadership

Dr. McKenna has a phenomenal way of bringing his “Individualized Leadership Philosophy” and his personal experiences to life in a way that truly motivates and inspires people to strive to be their personal best. He emphasizes that each person possesses their own unique skills and talents, and helps people realize their unlimited capabilities to transform their lives and make the world a better place. Let Dr. McKenna motivate and inspire your staff to strive to be their personal best and unite to become an unstoppable team!

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Dr. McKenna will coach the members of your organization to provide individualized or group training to ensure the achievement of goals. His coaching can be in-person or remote based on the organization’s needs. As a mentor, he will make a long-term commitment to share his extensive knowledge and experience to help your employees develop and grow to become their personal best. He will work with each institution to develop a comprehensive program to meet the specific needs and interests of each person. He has successfully coached, mentored, and supervised hundreds of educational leaders throughout his over 35 years in education.

Consulting Partnerships

If you are looking to form a short or long-term partnership to transform your culture and build sustainable relationships now and into the future, we are willing to customize a program to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Aspiring Educational Leadership Program

Given his extensive experience as an educational leader, Dr. McKenna has developed an essential program designed for aspiring educators.

To be a highly effective educational leader, a person must know and understand how to be an “Instructional Leader.” Too often, school administrators assume a “Building Manager” role and do not know or have the confidence to be an instructional leader. Dr. McKenna offers workshops, presentations and more to teach administrators key Instructional Leadership skills including how to:

  • Develop clear vision, mission, values, and goals for your school
  • Research and identify “Best Practices” in Instructional Leadership
  • Develop vertical and horizontal teams to articulate programs and practices
  • Develop an assessment mapping process to identify key formative and summative assessments
  • Develop a progress monitoring system to monitor instructional progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Create action plans to identify specific instructional goals and timelines for success
  • Develop a dynamic culture through shared decision making and empowerment